That’s the word of the day for this couple who gave up their careers in their prime to travel, see the world and live a little more robustly while still relatively young.  Now, don’t get me wrong:  this is not fear or worry or doubt.  We have been working toward this for years and are confident in our plan.  But quitting your job and planning to live off earnings and savings for an indefinite period is a bit like jumping out of an airplane with an untested parachute.

IMG_4785 The design says it will work, but you just don’t know before you leap. Of course, if we are wrong, we just go back to work and not splat on the ground, but you get the point.  So as this odyssey gets started, we are surprisingly feeling a bit of trepidation about whether we are doing the right thing, or doing this thing right.  I think its just because we are in between ending work and starting our travels that allows the mind to play its tricks.