If we haven’t told you yet, this may come as a surprise.  We are done cruising.  It took a life time of dreaming, years of hard work and saving of funds, years of searching for the right boat, prepping that boat, summoning the courage to quit careers, sell the house, cars, etc. to finally throw off the dock lines and sail off to daily adventures.   But it only took a moment for the feeling to wash over us that it was time to stop and head back to solid ground.   IMG_0766

No momentous event or necessity caused us to make this decision, it truly just was time to stop.  And miraculously enough we both felt the same way.   And much like a British TV series, which seem to end before going stale, we wanted to go out on a high note with joyful memories and no regrets.

Of course we will always retain the lifelong friends we made and the life lessons we learned – from the irrelevantly practical (opening a coconut with a machete) to the metaphysical (a single human is insignificant in the face of nature’s immensity) to the sublime (that dolphins swimming alongside the boat as you and your dog admire them is a joy that never gets old).



Into every life a little rain must fall


However, it became clear that we are simply ready for the next chapter.   For right now we only know the setting of this chapter and not the plot. We’ve bought a house in the little hamlet of Orient on the North Fork of Long Island, NY and will be figuring it out from there.

Land cruiser

From cruiser to Land Cruiser


Where is the jib sheet on this thing?

We spent several weeks cleaning the boat and getting it ready for sale and then had our last “overnight passage” as we drove our new-to-us land cruiser and a U-haul trailer from Florida to our new home.

For now, we are reconnecting with old friends and learning a new house.  Its funny how much time it takes to leave the dock, but how quickly you fall back into land life. However, we’ve promised ourselves to hold onto our wanderlust and although we won’t be traveling on Neko, we are anxious to explore other forms of travel and to not let the carnival stop just yet.

So we’ll put this blog on hiatus for a while.  But first we’d like to thank all our family and friends, especially our cruising family, for the support, encouragement and camaraderie so generously bestowed on us these past 4 years.   And we hope for new stewards to sail Neko far and wide because she wants to go, go, go and not sit at the dock.P1070385