Lucy’s Furry Friends

On Dec 9, 2001 we found Lucy on a small island off the coast of Belize.  As most of you know I am an animal lover and would take home ever stray that crossed our path, but alas, that can not be, so in honor of Lucy we decided to start a photo page of all the animals we’ve met along the way, not just street dogs, but beloved pets “mascotas” in Spanish and working animals.  Lucy was welcomed most everywhere, including many restaurants.  Kids in Central America would ask, “¿muerde?” (does she bite?) ,when we said “está bien” (it is ok), they’d smile and pet her and ask her name, etc.

Lucy's dream come true. Dog food sold by the scoop. La Paz, Mexico

Lucy’s dream come true. Dog food sold by the scoop. La Paz, Mexico

Adopting Lucy has brought us more joy and love than ever imagined.   So always consider adopting a pet when you want to add to your family, be kind to strays along the way and donate to your local animal shelters.

Here are a just a few furry friends…

1 thought on “Lucy’s Furry Friends

  1. Aloha, We have currently adopted a little dog in Mexico and would like to email you regarding regulations going down the coast. Can you contact us via email. We think we were on the dock with you in LaPaz at Marina Cortez and Celebration told us to contact you.

    Thanks, Debbie Graves

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