Escape From Shelter Bay

If I were to pitch the movie version of the last few months at Shelter Bay Marina it would be Dante’s nine circles of hell meets a tropical version of Groundhog Day. Like Bill Murray, it seemed that each day we would wake up and repeat the day before; saying hello to the regular cast of characters, taking Lucy for a walk through the jungle in search of monkeys and sloths, working on boat jobs, jumping in the pool to cool off, checking on the repair of our dagger boards, joining friends for happy hour, rinse and repeat.

The long and winding road to Shelter Bay

The long and winding road to Shelter Bay

And just when we thought our endless boat work-related stay was coming to an end we were plunged into a deeper level of hell (see Dagger post).

Attempt #387 trying to fit dagger boards

Attempt #387 trying to fit dagger boards

Why oh why were we on this endless loop? Were the sailing gods, Dante and Harold Ramis all trying to tell us to reexamine our lives? Thankfully this is a feel good movie and after feeling frustrated and tortured enough, we cued the inspirational music, stopped feeling sorry for ourselves and made the best of a rough time.

We met a lot of new friends, old friends caught up to us for reunions and the dagger boards were FINALLY fixed!  And our happy ending had us leaving the docks along with buddy boats R&R Kedger and Apsaras and with friends Holly and Mike from Wanuskewin joining us on Neko to start our 2nd year of cruising.P1030353

Adios suckers

Adios suckers

We definitely were thankful to be on the move again and hosted Thanksgiving on Neko with 8 others.  Between us all we were able to create the traditional dishes and it felt like the real deal apart from the fact we were floating on a boat and it was 90 degrees.

Yes, oh so thankful to be cruising again…

Now these are the kind of days we want to repeat.

Happy Hour

Sundowners, the perfect ending to the day





6 thoughts on “Escape From Shelter Bay

  1. Another clever, delightful posting and since I had read “Dagger to the Heart:, I knew the movie would have a happy ending. LOVED the photo of Lucy with her “life wrap” and her own float board.

  2. Wonderful blog post and photos, and as we lived some of it with we know that both of you seemed to be eternal optimistic and cheerful. AuRevoir.

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