Time to Reflect

One year ago we officially left the States to begin our adventure at sea.

Away we go

Away we go

We wish we could say that “dropping out” for a year has given us the secret to the meaning of life which we would now share with you, but alas it has not.  Give us another year and we will have it all figured out (LOL).

Plenty of time for selfies

Plenty of time for selfies

It HAS given us the one thing we always wished we had and that is time.  It is odd, time has flown by and inched forward simultaneously, becoming both a blessing and a curse.   We have time together which was a rare treat during the working years, we have time to reflect on the wonders of life while staring at hundreds of dolphins swimming and jumping next to the boat, we have time to read, time to really listen to music like when you were a kid devouring an album alone in your room, and we have time to spend with great new friends.  It seems a bit like camp or college or combat; friendships are accelerated, days = weeks and strong bonds form quickly over shared stories, travel, hardships and thrills and of course cocktails.  It is one of the best parts.  Honestly when is the last time you made a dozen+ solid friendships in a year.

On the other hand time sometimes becomes the enemy, as we wait for repairs, we wait for packages of parts to make those repairs, we wait for good weather windows, we wait for dial-up internet to sweep in our emails and we wait for our night watch shift to end so we can get some sleep.  At home our culture has perfected instant gratification.  If you want something, just go get it or do it.  Here, and maybe in most of the world, it doesn’t work that way.  So we are learning to go with the flow and not flip out when things don’t happen immediately, but it is harder than you think.  For me one of the things I’ve found hardest to learn is that every second doesn’t have to be part of a mind blowing event.  This is our life and sometimes life is, well, just life and not a blockbuster movie or glossy travel magazine or even blog worthy ;-).  Before we left I said I was 91.8% ready for boat life and I can now honestly up that to 96.5% 😉

So let’s turn up the lights and see if there are any questions out there…write them in the comment section and we will gladly answer your queries about our first year.

Year #2, here we come…

Victory Smooch

Victory Smooch

16 thoughts on “Time to Reflect

  1. Well, it certainly was a good year for the 3 of you and, as usual, I loved your blog and photos. I do think that you did learn the meaning of life – “every second doesn’t have to be a mind-blowing event”, “life is just life”. Live it well and live it happy. No big secret. Take care and I look forward to the next chapter. Hugs and a pat Jan

  2. Dear Mary and Pete,
    What a wonderful experience. I envy what you have created for yourselves. I wish you calm seas ahead and look forward to sharing a cocktail or two with you upon your return.

  3. Awesome you guys! We also can’t believe how slow some days seem, yet how fast time flies by. Some strange voyager’s time machine thing I guess. We’ve also been waiting on parts (that never show and are lost somewhere – does nobody ever complete a shipping manifest in Central America?) and weather to head ou into the wild blue yonder.

  4. Where are you and where are you going. We are headed to the Bahamas the first of November and find Christmas in Turks and Cacos. Love to catch up. New grand son sense we last saw you guys. Life is good… bill and kay

    • Congratulations Kay. We are heading to the San Blas islands of Panama for a bit and then points North. Haven’t made a set plan but will keep you posted.

  5. Peter and Mary: We are back at Casa Raab and missing you. Judy, Jane and I have followed you ever since those great 2-3 days you were here last winter. We are looking for your launch across the Gulf and are anticipating getting to see you as you approach the Chesapeake Bay. We will come and pick you up if you don’t sail up the James to Richmond. Take care and we hope to see you in 6 or so months, after our next visit to CR this January-March. Tom

  6. Congrats kids – sounds like fun and although we aren’t living on a boat, living on an island is 2nd best. 🙂 Hope to see you on the seas in the next year’s saga – and perhaps in the next year and next thereafter. Hugs! Have a cold one on us! (and if your spouse falls down the stairs, by all means, be the one who picks him or her up!) Ha! New “Galapagos lessons” to live by – and I know you both have each other’s back – thank God. Mitch (& Capt. Ray).

  7. Year 2 here we come. Your blog post summarized the cruising life perfectly. Personally, time is the slowest when waiting for the night shift to end but even that is getting better with practice. We hope to catch up to you sometime during year 2. Enjoy and stay safe!

  8. I just love reading all these posts–can’t get enough. Can’t wait to see you in person, though pictures help a lot! xox

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