Flying Chicken

Hello, my name is Mary and I am a chicken.   I’m afraid of a lot of things; first and foremost moving fast and being out of control.  Skiing, motorcycles, boat racing, you name it.  Peter wants to do and does all these high adrenaline activities and my response 99% of the time is “no way”.   Then the next thing I know, I’m snapping skis on my feet, zipping down the highway on the back of a Ducati or racing JY15’s on a frozen Hudson River – bitchin’ and cryin’ the whole way.   So when Peter and a group of boating friends said, “let’s go zip lining through the El Salvadorian jungle”, I gave my pat answer.   I’ll let you guess what happened next…

At least we will fall to our deaths looking stylish

At least we will fall to our deaths looking stylish. Peter and his chick(en), Julie and Ken (Kia Ora) and Janet and Paul (Talos IV)

Why oh why?

Why oh why

Flying chicken

Flying chicken

Peter zip

Here we go

DSCN2254 DSCN2211

We survived

We survived

Don’t tell Peter that I loved ever second 😉



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