Death Race El Salvador

We saw these guys on some inland traveling in El Salvador.  We’ll probably have more to say about our travels in a later post, but I wanted to point out these crazy dudes.  They ride these giant homemade skateboards down the mountains of this country (El Salvador has more volcanoes per square mile than any other country – it is a jungly, mountainous place).  They usually carry a load of wood behind them and use a spare piece of it as a brake by jamming it under the “vehicle”.  They steer with their feet.  Note the tiny metal wheels and generally rickety construction and then imagine riding one of these things down a potholed third world road amongst traffic at about 40 mph.  There’s just a different approach to safety here.  Life is full of risks.

Fully loaded

Fully loaded

Passengers Too

Passengers Too

Don't get that scarf caught

Don’t get that scarf caught

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