The Countdown Begins

Wow, blogging is harder than I thought.  Not coming up with what to say, but navigating the cruel waters of formatting the damn thing and getting sucked down the wormhole of design layout and photos.   Peter has done the hard part of getting this up and running, and I am finally coming to the party.

IMG_5509 IMG_5514

Happy 50th mom & dad

We are in San Diego where we’ve had Neko hauled out for bottom paint and a few other odds and ends. Like always, an estimated 5 days turned into 3 weeks of work & waiting for rudder bearings that had to be shipped from France (only the finest for us 😉 ) So we’ve enjoyed exploring San Diego and taking the time for travels, including a surprise dinner celebration for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.   We had a bittersweet trip back East to see family and friends, and take Mr Kitty to my parent’s house.  We love him and miss him dearly, but a sea sick cat is not a happy cat, so like all senior citizens he has decided to retire to the Sunshine State.     Even Lucy misses him.


With just over a week to go before we set sail on the Baja Haha and the start of our big adventure, we are excited and somewhat in a panic that we have everything done.   But I think we could putz around forever and we just need to cast off the lines and go.   That is the main reason for joining the Haha.  For those of you who don’t know about the Haha, it is a boat rally that sails down the Baja peninsula (San Diego to Cabo)
It is the official start of the west cruising season, a way to meet other boaters, but mainly a kick in the ass to get us started on this radical sabbatical.

1 thought on “The Countdown Begins

  1. Have a great trip you two! Mary, I was scared to death sometimes, but would not change a thing. I’ve concurred great fears along the way and I know you will too. See you soon. Val

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