Ketchup Post

Holy Cow, I’ve been ignoring this blog.  Well, its alright since we haven’t done much traveling and no one can access the blog yet anyway.  But in a nutshell, here is what we’ve done since the last post:


Peter installing new sink

–  installed new galley counter and sink

–  installed several shelves in cabins

–  removed locked-up rudder, sanded bearings and reinstalled rudder a la Peter Verrals

–  designed and begin install of 720W solar system

– designed and begin install of permanent wifi antenna (as you might imagine, all these unfinished projects are partly why there havebeen no posts)

The Malloy family grows larger

The Malloy family grows larger

–  attended my brother’s wedding in NC, where I was pushed out of the raft 🙂 by my brother-in-law Eric in the middle of a class 4 rapid.

–  removed old washer and install new combo washer/dryer

–  replaced most running rigging

–  got totally bummed out by surprise LA county $8000 tax bill for the privilege of parking our boat here for 8 months (see California’s Burning by Dave Alvin)

– designed and begin install of all new electronics


Electric avenue

–  got new master mattress made and installed

–  two trips to Catalina for a vacation from our permanent vacation

–  designed and had fabricated steel work for rails, bbq, solar, and various other


The glamorous life

–  replaced sump pumps in both heads (relatively easy but nasty job)

–  had all 4 forward lockers prepped and painted (no more paint chips on everything)

–  caulked the toe rail and rebedded various hatch hinges

Notice the complete absence of kitesurfing sessions.  The kitebeach is 45 minutes away and 1.5 hours return due to rush hour traffic.  Plus its so light here that often I go and get skunked and just drive back anyway.  So kitesurfing looks like it is on the back burner until we get out of here.  Speaking of which, I am getting a little antsy to get moving.  We’ll head down to San Diego in August after Mark and I finish the electronics install.

1 thought on “Ketchup Post

  1. ahhh. this brought back so many “wonderful….cough” memories. Well, we know what Peter’s back looks like. Every photo his head is in a locker 😉 Can’t wait to see you guys, have an awesome trip down and see you in Banderas bay soon. Cheers! Val and Ron

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