Day 1

Holy cow, what a couple of weeks!  Right on schedule, the Economous

Park City ski gang


and the Prince clan along with old standby Chad Markle showed up in Park City for our annual ski weekend.  Even though snow was scarce in Park City, we had a fabulous time.  The kids are such good skiers and boarders now that the old folks are relegated to just trying to keep up.  The very same day everyone left, Mary and I packed up the house and animals and embarked on the 2-day trip back to SF.  We had sold our house while in Park City, so we had one week to get back to SF, get rid of a lot of stuff and pack the rest for storage or transport to the boat.  Once we got back home a frenzy of giving stuff away, selling a few things and packing the rest began.  We filled a 24 foot truck with stuff and jammed it into a small storage unit in Sacramento, where it will live for the foreseeable future.

Edward and Anne graciously agreed to store my motorcycle until I could pick it up.  Mary and I packed the car and truck to the gills with stuff we would have to find a way to store on the boat.  (LA is so car-centric that even a boat slip comes with two parking spots).  She drove the car and took Mr. Kitty and I drove the truck and took Lucy.  After a grueling drive, we unpacked into the night.  Our remaining earthly belongings were scattered about outside on the deck of our boat.  We couldn’t go any farther and crashed for the night.  Lots left to do, but we had made the transition.  Let the new life begin!

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