We’ve been here what seems a pretty long time now.  I don’t think we are tired of it yet, though, and I have been doing a lot of skiing even if there has not been a ton of snow.  However, its always nice to have guests.  This past weekend Mal arrived with his 4-year old daughter, Alexa, to teach her to ski.

Mal and Alexa ready to go skiing.

Mal and Alexa ready to go skiing.

We had a few great days of skiing.  Alexa was very interested in the kids’ terrain park and special runs through the trees.  Her instructor said she was a great skier who only had to work on her parallel turns.

On the Town Lift

On the Town Lift

Next weekend we get the Economous, Scholz, the Princes and Chad back together again.  Its a reprisal of our yearly Snowbird weekend, except this year we are doing it at Park City.  Lets hope its as fun as it always is.  Here’s a little video Mary cut of the 2012 trip:

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