We ❤ NY

Just like Grandpa & Grandma Malloy and Grandpa Perica many years before, Lady Liberty greeted us as we sailed into New York Harbor.

Lady Liberty welcoming Neko.

Lady Liberty welcoming Neko.

Granted we were probably a lot more comfortable than they were and we knew what to expect when we arrived, but it was still exhilarating and made us excited to be back home. We were traveling with our pals on Pegasus, which made for great photo opportunities as we sailed down the East River.

 I ❤ NY

I ❤ NY

What immediately grabbed our attention was the almost unrecognizable skyline. Since 9/11 we’ve had to get used to the jarring absence of the twin towers but with The Freedom Tower and numerous new skyscraper shifting the city’s silhouette, it all seemed sadly unfamiliar.

Lucy back on the streets of NYC

Lucy back on the streets of NYC

This was perhaps the most dangerous trip to date for Pete, not for navigational reasons but because he knows how much I love NYC and once there, I may not have wanted to leave. We were thrilled to see old friends and family, ride subways, mix it up with the throngs of tourists, eat at some of our favorite haunts and just be a part of the machine that is the big apple.  Although we had a fabulous time I agreed to keep on our adventure and head back south to embark on season three of this crazy life at sea.

Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower

Thankfully the good old Empire State and Chrysler Buildings still stood proudly representing the old guard and we knew we were in the right place.

To see photos of City Island in the Bronx click here.

10 thoughts on “We ❤ NY

  1. We have had a great time visiting NY city also. Both of our grandchildren were born there. We spent some time in Central Park pushing strollers.

    • We have had a great time visiting NY city also. Both of our grandchildren were born there. We spent some time in Cental Park pushing strollers also with all the other nannies.

  2. So bummed that we couldn’t be up there with you guys. Oh well! Looks so beautiful. Glad you had a great time and more glad that you are continuing your sailing adventures:)

  3. Mary and Peter: I am on schedule to return to Richmond Tuesday night. Are you still in Deltaville? Can come down as soon as Wednesday if you are. How’s Lucy’s tooth? Tom

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